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About Rameshwar

An entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and visionary, Rameshwar is a brilliant engineer who decided to be an entrepreneur and work to make the world a better place. He has a mechanical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a remarkable fascination for constant learning. With a firm belief in the fact that knowledge is eternal and constant learning is the key to get access to the boundless horizons of knowledge, Rameshwar has created SYL.

With a motto of preaching the value of mental wellbeing among the youth and students, Rameshwar has started SYL to be the touchwood of self-growth

The sole objective of SYL is to help everyone lead a happy and fulfilling life. As Buddha taught that the secret of life is to want what you have and do not want what you don’t have, Rameshwar believes in embracing life as it is rather than how we wish it to be. Regardless of the profession, we are in and the life we are leading, the right mindset can transform our lives and create joyous sync between our past present and future. Drawing experience from his life’s encounters Rameshwar has folded sleeves to help people distress and understand a deeper meaning of their life.