Are you in a dire need of someone who can help
you to cope with all the academic stress?

Talk your problem out. Whether you want to find answers regarding your choice of
stream, or you want to talk about any other problem in your school, college
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Help your kids to relieve the mental stress Of lockdown
and studies with SYL

Re-ignite the creative flame inside your kid. Help him re-discover his true potential and let him
de-stress amidst the chaos of online classes and the fear of pandemic. We provide one-to-one
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Do you see yourself as a failure as you couldn’t
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We all do this at one point or the other, but what’s important is who stands firm in the
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where you are now and where you want to be.

Are you finding it exhausting to cope up with
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Fight back, learn work-life balance, overcome obstacles, and your inherent insecurities,
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Have your relationship issues turned
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Resolve your relationship roadblocks before they become impasses. The road to a
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Is your past haunting you, and future bothering
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Learn how to live in the moment. Dwell on the good memories, make your future an
embodiment for happiness. SYL brings you constructive, therapeutic views to overcome
your constant fear of past and future.

Are you struggling with a bad breakup, a
family crisis or something more complex?

Teens have numerous massive problems that cause a decline in their mental
health. Talk to the experts, find their point of view and get solutions to the ongoing
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Do you believe that lady luck is mad enough
on you to cause recurrent unfortunate events
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Indeed luck is a massive factor, but don’t let the fear of your misfortune manipulate
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expertise from SYL.

Structure Your life

There is no denying from the fact that on a global scale, people face challenges that test their emotional mettle. For the most part, we try to find a quick fix, but problems become all the way more difficult when anxiety strikes in. Have you ever noticed that problems start knocking on your door in gangs to attack you when you are least prepared for them? Such moments feel like being forced to endure an unrelenting nuclear attack.

Well, life’s hard, and that’s what makes it adventurous and full of surprises. What will be the value of joy without sorrow? What will be the value of life without difficulties? Undoubtedly it is hard to overcome obstacles in life. But life is full of personal challenges and to face them we have to summon the courage that is hidden deep down within us.

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Life is easy if you can make it

About Rameshwar

An entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and visionary, Rameshwar is a brilliant engineer who decided to be an entrepreneur and work to make the world a better place. He has a mechanical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a remarkable fascination for constant learning. With a firm belief in the fact that knowledge is eternal and constant learning is the key to get access to the boundless horizons of knowledge, Rameshwar has created SYL.

With a motto of preaching the value of mental wellbeing among the youth and students, Rameshwar has started SYL to be the touchwood of self-growth.

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Structure your Life can be your next escape into the avenues of personal development and growth. With a seamlessly integrated and comprehensive fusion of holistic ideas and the right tools and techniques, SYL is a book that commemorates the true essence of life.


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